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Register for the Swim Clinic

To register please use the form below or click here to register. Be sure to include all contact info. Choose the CLINIC SESSION and TIME SLOT you prefer.

NOTE: At this time our Clinic is full. We have a waiting list at every time slot. You may add your name to that list and Bill will contact you if there ends up being room for your swimmer. Thank you for your interest in our program and we hope to see you at the pool in the future.


*If your preferred Time Slot is unavailable, sign up on the wait list. If you are flexible with your time, we can usually accommodate requests.


Weekdays: Monday - Thursdays beginning Monday March 6th and ending Thursday March 30th.


  • 4:15-5 (CLOSED)

  • 5-5:45 (CLOSED)

  • 5:45-6:30 (CLOSED)

Cost: $275


WeekendsSaturday/Sundays beginning Saturday March 4th ending Sunday April 2nd.


  • 9:15-10:00 (CLOSED)

  • 10:00-10:45 (CLOSED)

Cost: $195

We will keep our groups small so that everyone will get a lot of attention. We will focus on technique rather than laps.  For example, the youngest kids will have about 6 swimmers per instructor. Our head coach Bill will work with the older, more advanced swimmers and have about 3 kids per lane and work with about 4 lanes of swimmers.

Parents: when signing up please use the Group descriptions below to sign up for the appropriate group. We will have all three Groups available at Each time slot. We have TWO clinics that you can choose from. Weekday Clinic and Weekend Clinic.

EBSL rules allow for 15 hours maximum for a preseason clinic, and we are compliant with League Rules. Our Makeup policy is as flexible as we can make it but keep in mind, we do not want to add too many swimmers to a group. We pride ourselves on getting a lot accomplished and doing a thorough job of teaching many competitive swim elements. So, we will allow a maximum of 2 classes to be made up. This will have to be done by coming to your time slot and another time slot OR coming to the Weekday or Weekend Clinic as well as your original Clinic registered for.

Group 1: These are swimmers who are 10+ years old typically and have at least 1 full year of experience on a swim team. Can do all the strokes, dive and turns (or are ready to learn turns) but want to improve all the elements of competitive swimming.

Group 2: Swimmers who are between 7-11 years old typically. Have at least 1 year of experience on a team or are at least a LEVEL 4 (Please refer to our swim school level list).

Group 3: These are swimmers who are between 4-7, can swim at least 1/2 lap in freestyle and backstroke in a 25 yard pool. They wish to or are ready to try out for a team or did swim on a team as a 4- or 5-year-old and need work on all the strokes. Maybe need to learn Breastroke and Butterfly? 

PARENTS: Please keep in mind the groups can change depending on what we are working on that day. The above is a guide for us to keep the number of swimmers low and allow us to group everyone appropriately for a fast-paced learning environment. 

Also, sometimes young swimmers have forgotten a lot since last summer. We will not be teaching swim lessons. All swimmers need to be able to swim without help and be safe in the water. If we feel a swimmer is not able to manage our class environment, we will have to refund your money and guide you to a program better equipped to teach your child. This mostly will affect swimmers in Group 3. 

LASTLY: In our first year offering a clinic we had a lot of interest last year and ended up with a few of you on a wait list. Please let me know if you are flexible with your time and if we can move you from a full time slot to one that might not be full, thus allowing someone else to join that normally would not have been able to join.   

Weekend Clinic: We have 2 time slots in this clinic, but we had a lot of inquiries about adding a 3rd time slot both earlier and later. Let me know via email when signing up if you prefer a later time slot and if we have enough interest we may be able to add another slot beginning at 11 am.


*IF you know you will miss a class you may talk to Bill about a makeup. We will try to be flexible with allowing makeups for missed days if requested in advance.  We will limit the number of makeups we can do based on how many requests we have”. 


Cost: $275 for weekdays sessions, $195 for weekend sessions. 


Payments can be made with Zelle or Venmo. Once payments are accepted & confirmed your spot will be held for that session.

*Please pay at the time of registration.

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