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Register for the Swim Clinic

To join the waitlist, please use the form below or click here to register. Please pick your top choice time, and we'll do our best to fit you in if there's an opening. Just keep in mind that getting that exact timeslot isn't guaranteed.

Monday - Thursdays beginning Monday February 19 and ending Thursday March 14.

  • 4:15-5

  • 5-5:45

  • 5:45-6:30

Saturday/Sundays beginning Saturday February 17 ending Sunday March 17.

  • ​9:15-10:05

  • 10:00-10:50

You do not need to pay to be on the waitlist. You will only need to pay if you are accepted into the clinic.

We will keep our groups small so that everyone will get a lot of attention. We will focus on technique rather than laps.  For example, the youngest kids will have about 6-8 swimmers per instructor. Our head coach Bill will work with the older, more advanced swimmers and have about 3-4 kids per lane and work with about 4 lanes of swimmers.

Parents, when signing up, use the group descriptions below for the appropriate slot in our Weekday or Weekend Clinic. Each time slot offers all three groups. EBSL rules allow a maximum of 15 hours for preseason clinics. We permit up to 2 makeup classes, which can be attended in your registered time slot, another slot, or in the Weekday or Weekend Clinic.

Our clinic has three levels for swimmers aged 4-18, grouped by ability and age. Swimmers will be evaluated on Day 1 and placed accordingly. Please register in the correct level to avoid adjustments or refunds. If your swimmer cannot perform at the level description and there is no room to move them to a lower level we may ask you to move to a time slot that has room, otherwise we will need to refund your registration fee.   PLEASE do your best to register for the proper Level.

Level 1: Ages 4-7, ready to try out for a team, able to swim freestyle and backstroke for at least 1/2 lap on Day 1.

Level 2: Ages 6-9, has swam on a team for a year or more, can swim more than a full lap of free, back, and 1/2 lap of fly on day 1.

Level 3: Has swam on a team for at least one season.  Can do all the strokes but needs work on most of them.  Has dove in a meet even if poorly and can swim several laps, slowly, without stopping on Day 1

Super Tots: I have had a lot of requests from parents for a Level that will focus on getting swimmers prepared to tryout for their respective teams.  This group is reserved for swimmers who are 4-6 years old.   It is NOT lessons.   We will still teach what is needed to become a better competitive swimmer but with a smaller group and focus on what teams will want to see from swimmers of this age when they tryout.  Mostly getting kids to swim freestyle and backstroke the full length of the pool.   Bill will have to see these kids on day 1 to make sure they are safe in the water and there is no guarantee that your swimmer will be able to participate in our clinic. 


*Requirements; Swimmers in Super Tots will get in the water without fear, will be able to swim to the flags and back to the wall in both Freestyle and Backstroke on Day 1. That is a distance of about 7 yards. 


If you have a swimmer at this level, please leave a brief description of what you are looking for and what your swimmer has been able to do in the water.  You will not pay until I see your swimmer in the water.  I will determine if they can continue at that time. Please do not sign them up for Level 3 hoping they will automatically join our clinic.  The requirements for a level 3 swimmer are higher. I want to have as many Super Tot swimmers in the clinic as possible as these are the kids that improve the most and are the hardest for coaches to find.  They are the future and I sincerely hope to fill our Super Tot classes.  So please understand and register them properly. 

Note: Groups may change based on daily focus. Join our waitlist if your preferred time slot is full, as spots may open up after Day 1 due to participant availability.

Payments can be made with Zelle or Venmo. Once payments are accepted & confirmed your spot will be held for that session.

*Please pay at the time of registration.

About the Clinic:

We will cover stroke techniques for all four strokes, ensuring swimmers have the skills to perform well in summer events. Coach Bill specializes in addressing challenges with Breaststroke.

Turns are a huge part of racing for our 11-year-olds and up. We will teach or aim to improve the turns in all 4 strokes as well as the IM turns. For lower aged swimmers who are ready to learn a basic turn we will teach turns beginning with the freestyle flip turn. If possible, we will progress to the other turns as well.  

Proper wall finishing is often overlooked but has a significant impact on relays. We'll emphasize the correct way to finish in each stroke, highlighting its importance for individual and team success.

Diving is a vital aspect, given its increased significance in recent years. We go beyond teaching diving techniques, ensuring swimmers master streamlining and 'breakout' to maintain speed gained from the dive.

Message from Coach Bill:

Hello everyone,

Most of you may recognize me from my time with the Marlins over the past three seasons. For those who don't know, I coached San Leandro from 1985-2000 and again from 2003-2007. The story of how we became the Drowning Darryls is still a well-kept secret :). Our success during those years came from hardworking coaches and swimmers dedicated to improvement, emphasizing the importance of the details of swimming. This focus on details contributed to our championship victories.

In my coaching return, I've observed a growing desire among kids to learn, achieve, and meet their goals during practice. They seek an environment that fosters these aspirations.

Throughout my coaching career, my emphasis has always been on teaching. This approach has led three different EBSL teams to top 2 finishes and seven championships, with a special pride in earning the 'Most Improved Trophy' and the now-extinct 'Most Spirited Team' award. The key mantra: Be a good sport and JUST IMPROVE!

My clinic has aimed to embody these principles, working with kids from various teams. I've witnessed remarkable improvement at Championships from swimmers who participated in our clinic the previous year. Crocodiles, Darryls, Dolphins, Marlins, and even the Stingrays from Fremont came all the way to Castro Valley to participate in our clinic. I promise to give my best effort to continue fostering improvement this year.

Looking forward to helping you have a great swim season this summer,

Best, Coach Bill

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