Register for Classes

To register please use the form below or click here to register. Be sure to include all contact info. Choose the SESSION and TIME SLOT you prefer. To help with swim level, refer to our SWIM LEVEL page. This helps us organize the classes quickly on Day 1.


*If your preferred Time Slot is unavailable sign up on the wait list. If you are flexible with your time, we can usually accommodate requests.


Our SESSIONS are Mondays through Thursdays for 2 WEEKS and each class is a full 30 minutes. Our class will have a maximum of 3 swimmers per instructor.


Cost: $230 per 2 Week SESSION. *Non-Chabot club members will have a $15 fee added for insurance, and club entry. 


*Chabot swim club has openings for Club membership. If you are interested, please let me know and I will have them contact you.


Payments can be made with Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. Once payments are accepted & confirmed your spot will be held for that session.

*Please pay at the time of registration.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We have grown in popularity in such a short time. I wish we could expand further but unfortunately; we are limited to only 3 instructors per time slot. The great thing is that I can hire and train the best instructors without feeling the need to hire more who may not be as qualified.  I think that is the key to our success along with small, semiprivate classes with the best instructors in the area.

We may be able to offer classes later, perhaps a 5:00 and 5:30 time slot. Check back soon if that is something that will work better for you.

If your preferred Session/Time Slots are closed, we have a great option for you to be added to our program. At the end of Day 1 of a NEW SESSION we have our classes set up and typically have several spots open.   

Sign up on our WAITLIST. Typically, we can accommodate you if you are flexible with your time. Please fill out the form again if you have not signed up for the waitlist already. You will not have to pay if you click Waitlist. Let me know a range of time preferences/sessions you prefer. If you can only come at a certain time let me know. You can use the “Notes” section on the form to give me more details.   

If I can add you, I will email you and you can begin the next day. We can then PRORATE the session price and you can use various payment methods at the pool. Use the Levels Guide to tell me what level your swimmer is.  We will assess them when we see them to be sure it is a fit.  If it is not, we will look for another slot that works better.  

Returning swimmers are easy to place as we know their level, so let me know if you have been with Chabot Swim Academy already.

We have had tremendous success with my system and look forward to continuing to develop youngsters who will be safe and enjoy their time in the water. 

So, we hope to see you at the pool soon,


Chabot Swim Academy